Repair automatically gate

Automatic gate gates are now available in the Vietnamese market today and are still new to many users, so it is necessary to have an experienced technician and a qualified technician to handle errors.

The main causes of gate errors

repair door

Due to encountering obstacles when In – out, making the door jammed improperly

The door is jammed to the engine, so it cannot move and open the door

Motion motor error makes a sound

The gate motor brake system is faulty

Error due to explosion of capacitor, fire when water enters

Error of gate control circuit due to hot and humid weather

The door does not work because the engine is broken

The door is jammed due to warping or the doorway is obstructed

Door closed or open over to journey

Journey to the door is skewed, leading to the door opening over the journey

Magnet sensor error. This error causes the loading port to not  move straight or not stop in right point

The electric supply causes a fire, and the circuit board fails

Broken gate controller, out of battery or broken circuit

How to handle?

repair gate door

Recheck the running lines of the door, not to let obstructions on the doorway move

Check the input power lines for the motor

Check the wheel moving in and out of the door

Check the warranty period of the engineto contact the distributor to check

After you have checked all the steps but still cannot use the door, please contact Golden technical team immediately, we will be available immediately after 30p to process the fastest for you

Repairing all types of gate motors

repair rolling door

Handling the world's leading automatic gateways from: Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Malaysia, China (Lifmaster - Germany, Tousek - Germany, Came - Italy, BFT Italy, FAAC-Italy, Le ' Tron - Malaysia, TMT - Taiwan, GDB – Italy

Repair of open gate arm firms: Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Malaysia with automatic sliding gate models and high speed automatic sliding gates

Repair automatic gate gates sound floor: Different from normal doors because all equipment and engines are buried underground, to repair workers need to dismantle everything inside to go to the toilet and repair. Because it is buried so it is easily damaged and affected by natural factors such as soil, sand, stone and the repair process is quite hard and time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Repair automatic gate arm opening: The design with arm-type motor is also quite popular, it is not as beautiful as the soundstage but it is very durable but you also need to clean it regularly, check and fix related incidents. The control board is one of the most vulnerable components of the hand motor.

Repair rolling doors in Hanoi

Staff serving customers in all districts in Hanoi: Ba Dinh District, Hoan Kiem District, Tay Ho District, Long Bien District, Cau Giay District, Dong Da District, Hai Ba Trung District, District Hoang Mai, Thanh Xuan District, Soc Son District, Dong Anh District, Gia Lam District, Nam Tu Liem District, Thanh Tri District, Bac Tu Liem District, Me Linh District, Ha Dong District, Son Tay Town, Ba Vi District, Phuc Tho District, Dan Phuong District, Hoai Duc District, Quoc Oai District, Thach That District, Chuong My District, Thanh Oai District, Thuong Tin District, Phu Xuyen District, Ung Hoa District, My Duc District.

12-36 month warranty for new engine mount products

6-month warranty with engine repair and replacement services:
Rolling door, Garage door, Gate door

  • During the warranty period, our technical staff will support customers in the process of operation as well as regulate the technical staff to handle immediately when there is an incident to ensure Maximum safety for your gate.

  • Any problems that occur we will fix as soon as possible to ensure the interests of customers.

  • In order to express our responsibility and long-term reputation for the products and services we provide, we will ensure to satisfy you even if the product is out of warranty. The team of technical consultants will best support the requirements of customers when incidents occur

  • So come to us you do not need to worry about warranty or after sales service

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